And so it begins…

Welcome to my blog

The name is Denise I am a mum, wife, entrepreneur and in all honesty, a little bit batshit crazy, but who isn’t!!

I decided to write a blog as I have so much going on and I thought there must be other women who have the same thoughts, weight issues, work issues as me and who probably sit there and think ffs is it just me, am I the only who feels like I’m either not doing good enough or just putting too much pressure on myself to be perfect.
I have made the big step of starting up my own business. I gave up work in April 2017 to move from Bristol to the big smoke, the crazy city we call London Town…………Although I miss the calm of Brizzy London has so much more to offer especially for my husband’s business. We started off in East London, but I didn’t love it as I wasn’t used to the London life, so we then moved to Essex with only a 35-minute commute to central London but living the country life all was lovely jubbly.


Settled, thoughts turned to, I really can’t be a housewife my brain is going to explode with boredom, but the thought of going out to work depressed me.  I don’t want limited holidays, I want to be able to do the am and pm school runs, I don’t want to be part of the whole office politics, I want to be my own boss where I make the rules but can still be awesome doing the thing I love.  The more and more I thought about it the more it appealed.  It would be perfect. So the journey begins for the business start-up.

I am sure many mums would love to work from home who think like I used to, I can’t do it, you can, and that’s why I am going to be sharing my journey.


Apart from the work side of things I am planning a wedding………….aww I here you say or, I thought she said she is married!!! Don’t worry I don’t have a handful of husbands, god could you imagine. One is way more than enough J

My rather gorgeous husband,  Rohit or “toyboy” as he is known, well not for much longer as he turns 30 in November haha, is Indian.  Born in Leicester raised in Nottingham he is the Ying to my yang.  We got married in a very small civil ceremony two years ago, just us and 7 others including our daughter.

It was perfect. Now until I met my other half I never realised how big Indian families are, and he’s is huge…..200+ is the guest list so far, and this is before friends have even been invited.  I just want to cry.  We are having ourselves a Hindu Wedding, yey………..

Hindu weddings are a huge affair with some lasting a whole week.  So many different traditions etc So going to be sharing this with you including some videos on the castles, yes castles, Ro loves a Castle, we visit for our venues and written blogs on the whole shebang.

I will also be looking at all things wedding related to helping you organise the wedding of your dreams!!

bloom-blossom-bouquet-265750 (1)

Now I am going to be honest………….In the last 3 years, I have put on so much weight I feel and look like a bloated whale with constipation.  I have ballooned from a size 8 to a size 18, and I absolutely hate it.

Now I am not a food hog I don’t sit down all day and stuff my face with endless goodies and chip butties far from it.  I just became lazy in the sense I became loved up with the “toyboy” stopped exercising and controlling my PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, having bigger portions of dinner and I thought meh I got this……….Big mistake, huge, epic, why, because I didn’t have this and as the weight piled on I was like yeah I can lose this and then it just spiraled.

Now I only have myself to blame, and slightly the “toyboy” as he is such an amazing cook it’s ridiculous but I only I can change the way I look and how I feel.  I have lost my confidence but I am now taking control and sharing with you wonderful peeps will help me, even more, achieve my goals and possibly give myself some motivation.


I have now hired myself a Personal Trainer.  Love to hate the woman as she looks fabulous.  The reason I hired her is because I hate her…………in a good way, motivational like.   Louise is a fabulous Personal Trainer, and I will introduce you to her a little later on.

So follow me on this momentous, I say momentous due to the extra stone that has selfishly and rudely clung to my body like cellophane to a lump of meat, occasion and let’s see if I can live through the pain Louise inflicts on me.

And……………..finally the hubs and I love a bit of traveling, so when we go we will find the best places to visit, best ways you can save and eat like a queen/king.


You may also get to see the crazy pup we have in our life too that keeps us on our feet.

I really do hope you will join me on my little journey.

In a bit………….

Denise x



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